When you hate your job

I used to love my job, really love it!
I came to work every day, loving that I had a creative outlet daily, and I got paid for it!
Creativity has always been stronger point, so this was amazing.
I felt like I really fit in with everyone since it was a whole crew of laid back surfers!
Being the only girl on the payroll, I got treated pretty well. It felt like everyone was looking out for me, and being super nice.

seemed like a dream job.

My boss was always hyper, and half the time that hyper energy wasn't positive. I didn't work directly with him very often, so I was easily able to side step it, and interact only with people who's vibes were much more positive.

Then those hyper active, negative vibes started to wear me down. More and more every day.
The guys started to get less protective, and more creepy.
After about a year people stopped appreciating my intense hard work, and instead started adding to my work load, at one time I was doing the jobs of 4 people - while just being paid a receptionist salary.

When I approached the owners about this problem, they promised to find me some help in dealing with all of the office work, even interviewed several people - but ended up just wasting everyone's time, because they knew from the beginning they weren't going to actually hire anyone and only went through the process to boost my moral.

I could honestly go on and on about all of the things I grew to hate about this job. I'm sure a significant amount of you can relate in the job you're in now, or jobs you've had in the past so I won't drag it on.

The point is that I wasn't appreciated. I didn't get any paid vacation days, or sick days.
No health benefits or even paid holidays.
I was getting nowhere with this job and I knew it.

Sometimes, just leaving that job is not always an option.
I job searched for a long time - close to a year.. but was unable to find anyone else willing to pay me what I needed to live.

I felt completely stuck.

So I quit.
Out of the blue, when my boss had disrespected me for the last time. I promptly gave him my two weeks notice.
(This is actually not even the first time I've been pushed to my breaking point with a job, maybe I just need tougher skin)

I started selling my shirts in a few tattoo shops & boutiques and am making enough money to survive. I've never been so happy to leave a job.

I'm doing my best to make as many online sales as possible as well so I can not only survive, but live comfortably.

I fully believe that with a little more hard work I can make it to that point!

Now, I am not in any way telling you that you should quit your job and call it a day if you have no backup plan. It's risky! and if you're paying your own bills, you have to be careful!

I knew I had enough saved to get me through a few months and making spontaneous not to well thought out plans, is not something I'm a stranger too, and I always manage to find a way to deal.

What I am grateful for, is knowing exactly how I don't want to run a business.
I know that when I make it to the point that I can start hiring employees, I will appreciate all of their hard work, and give them the benefits they deserve.
I cannot wait to be given this opportunity!

If anyone reading this is struggling with their job making them miserable, not only while you're at work but outside of work as well... PLEASE take whatever steps necessary to get yourself out of that environment! 

You spend so much time at work and it's completely unfair to yourself if you are in a toxic environment that many hours out of your life.
you need to take care of yourself, so make sure you surround yourself with people who appreciate you, because you deserve nothing less!

I pray that anyone in this situation right now, finds a way out.
You're way too rad to be miserable! DO NOT forget that!



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