Even the right relationship takes work

People will tell you that if you're in the right relationship, then it won't take work.
Those people would be wrong.

While I do believe that if your relationship feels like a constant chore, it may not be the right one for you, that doesn't mean the right one will be a constant walk in the park either.

Dealing with other people's minds, is never going to be easy.
Dating after high school is going to be even less easy, because now they've been hurt, and they have past relationships that may carry some extra drama into yours, but that does not mean that you should give up on them.

If you honestly love your partner, you can't picture life without them and you know deep down, that breaking up isn't even an option you need to work on that relationship.
Some days will be tougher then others. NO doubt.

There are days when I'm emotional and moody, I get upset at him for no particular reason - 10 out of 10 times, he picks up the slack.
He looks for ways to make it better, and asks what he can do to strengthen our relationship, and how to make me happy.

I do the same for him.
While he doesn't typically get upset for no particular reason the way do, there are absolutely days when he's struggling with something else, and I pick up the slack and love him, and make sure that he knows how loved he is.

We don't do this because we have to.

We do this because we want our relationship to survive anything.
We've already been through quite a bit of drama in the past 2 years, maybe the universe was testing us to see how much we could withstand. I'm not sure of the reason, but the important part is that we got through it.
There were some ugly patches for sure, patches I wasn't 100% sure we'd make it through, but we did.

If you're with someone you know you're supposed to be with.. don't give up because it's hard.
You're going to make each other so happy and THAT is the important part.
Don't let people fool you into thinking that if it's sometimes a chore then it's not meant to be!


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