An angel saved my dad from a fire

About two and a half years ago my family had a massive house fire. The fire started in the garage, and moved very quickly throughout the house. It burned every room in a matter of minutes, and took hours to control. The only thing left in one piece was the brick chimney in the middle of the house. my family lost everything we owned.

I wasn't there at the time, since I didn't live in the house. (Although using my parents house as a free storage space back fired) My little brother (19 at the time) called me frantic that our house was on fire.

My brother, my Dad, my parents 3 dogs, and my dog that they were dog sitting, were all inside.

When I made the long, absolutely agonizing drive over there, everyone was safe except one dog that they couldn't find in time. :(
(RIP Rocky boy)

My family recapped the series of events that went down that day, and told me what happened when my dad said "I don't even know who that was that pulled me out of the window"

Him and my brother now realized that they had never seen this guy before - he was only there long enough to pull my dad out of the window not even 5 minutes after the fire had originally started - They didn't see him coming or leaving he was there one second, gone the next.. and after that brief second.. they never saw him again after that..
ever again!

This still gives me chills to even think about, I love sharing this story because I have no doubt in my mind that an angel saved my dad's life that day.

Do you have a similar story?
I love to hear them!


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