Rained out beach bums

Will we ever see the sun again? If you're on the east coat this question may have been plaguing your mind for the past 2 weeks that it's been NON STOP raining! 

Every night, I end my prayers with "Oh, and if I promise not to spend half my pay check every week at taco Tuesday, can you make the rain stop?" 
Obviously that hasn't happened so I'm not going to give up my tacos until it does. 

If you're a total beach bum like myself, and you're in a much sunnier part of the country, you might want to check out some of these Tees! 
I've been working super hard on getting them right, I even have some bloggers set up to help me promote them and I'm SO THANKFUL for them! 

check these bad boys out HERE, and if you have any feed back, you know I'd be stoked to hear it! 


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