Identify your negative enviornments

Staying positive in a negative enviornment is not always easy.
Heck, staying positive in a positive environment isn't always easy.

I have no idea why being negative is so much easier to fall back on, but the truth is that it is. You have to mindfully work at being positive.
When you are surrounded by negative people, remaining positive seems borderline impossible!

Obviously, everyone's first recommendation would be to remove yourself from the situation... right? Duh!
But sometimes, it's not entirely possible, or you might not even realize how negative the environment is. That my new friends, is what I want to try and make you aware of!

I had a job where the bosses mom (who didn't even work there she just had nothing better to do) would hang around and gossip. All day long! Non stop! about people I didn't even know..
Her son, my boss, was racist, homophobic, and sexist.
The racism and homophobia were not directed at me, but it was still absolutely exhausting to listen to! Being the only girl on the payroll, I was often objectified in small "subtle" ways that nobody ever took seriously when I complained or objected.

This job was sucking the life out of me!
and I didn't even realize.
I went into it, loving it. I got to express my creativity, learn an entirely new skill set, and work with people who were surfers and seemed just as laid back as I was.
I had just moved to a new city when I found this job and it seemed meant to be.

As the months went on, it got more and more draining they valued me less, but expected me to do more and I didn't even see it happen.

My point of telling you this long story, (I even shortened it, it could have been much longer) was to make you more aware of your surroundings. If you are always tired, but you honestly have no idea why.. think about what you do everyday.
Do you have Mr. Doom and Gloom himself walking by your desk several times a day when he goes out to have a smoke every hour and every time he manifests something new to complain about?  Is your boss so high energy with negative energy that it seems like he's on a bad drug trip?

I'm speaking from experience here, and if you are not already aware, I want to make you aware so that you can take the next steps to trying to get your vibes higher, because it is possible that the negative environment is temporarily unavoidable.

Even if you are completely content with your day to day life, your vibes can always be higher. I'd still encourage you to take a look at what you do daily and the people you interact with and make sure they are not bumming out your space!

You're all awesome and you deserve awesome lives so don't let a little negativity bring you down!



  1. Such an empowering post, I love it and you're so right about negativity bringing us down, because it is harder to avoid it and focus on cultivating and surrounding ourselves with positivity.x

    1. Yes! It's sometimes impossible to get away from. You gotta get your head right for sure:)


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