A quick mental switch can manifest the life you want!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been though some serious junk in my life.
My childhood wasn't ideal, and as a result I've battled anxiety & depression since middle school, I've been suicidal, I lost the man I thought I'd marry to suicide when I was 21... My life hasn't absolutely dreadful, but it certainly wasn't perfect.

I wallowed.
wow I wallowed so much.

I always accepted the fact that my life was mediocre at best, because well, at least it's a step up from where'd I'd been before.
When something didn't go right, I'd get overly upset, and set myself back, because people would make excuses for me, since I've been through a lot.

I was so used to just going with the flow, and never making myself a priority and I honestly never thought twice about it, because it's just been what I've always done. I truly did not know any different, and never put any effort into learning any different.

One day, I decided I did not want to be this way anymore. I didn't have a car, I was in debt, I was single, and kept dating terrible guys. the girl I hung out with the most was toxic to my environment  and I knew that, but being new to the area I hung on to the friends I had. I was super overweight, and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. My living situation was terrible, the rent was inexpensive in a house right by the beach, but my roommates made me so uncomfortable. I wasn't happy at all and I knew I needed to get my **** together.

I made a list, a good old fashion pen and paper list.
actually, I even made graphs that I'm still using!

Once I decided to make my life better, it started getting better. I've paid down a ton of my debt, I got a car, I built a savings account, and started to very slowly, but very surly lose weight.
I'm in the healthiest relationship I've ever been a part of or even seen with someone who values who I am as a person, and who takes taco Tuesday just as seriously as I do!
I'm no longer friends with the girl who was toxic to me, which wasn't my intention but that's the way it worked out. (I fully believe she was place in my life just to help me meet my boyfriend)

and recently, I even moved out of the terrible roommate situation, into a house by myself, for the first time ever and I finally learned what it felt like to feel safe and comfortable.

and guys....all of this all happened in less then a year!
and  while I was working the same job, with the same exact pay!

I went from being broke, in debt, and car-less - thinking I would NEVER get out of this whole I dug myself into.
With ZERO additional income, and just a switch in my mind and plan to do better- I'm paying twice as much in bills, in addition to a car, and loan payments, and I still have money left over to have fun.. Not a ton of money I'll admit, but I'm living my life and I'm happy with what I have for sure!

Guys, this is proof that a mental switch and the honest believe that you are going to make it can change your life!
The law of attraction is so real, and you can manifest the life that you want, you just need to believe it, and be so grateful for everything!
I said a little thank you prayer every time I got a paycheck and was able to transfer $50 to a savings account, or every time I paid all my bills for the month and had enough to buy myself a sundress I've been eyeing up.

Keep a grateful heart, and honest beliefs and good things will to come to you!!

Thanks for reading


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