My List of gratitude

Good Morning Hippies!

Today is amazing, the weather is perfect! There's literally no day more perfect to me then being able to spend the day on the sand and in the water with the people I care about!

I want to talk about how being grateful changed my life. Expressing gratitude for even the little things in life, like caffeine, can completely change your outlook.

When I lay in bed at night, I run through my list of things I'm grateful for. A lot of times the same things end up on my list, but sometimes something awesome happened that day and I want to express my gratitude!

I also use it as a tool to get myself in check when I'm being a brat. I have some issues giving up my control of things in life. I've pretty much been on my own my whole life, so sometimes when I have to share the decision making and things aren't going my way I start to act like a brat....I'm not proud of this.. and I work on it every day, but I've found that when I start to think about the things that I'm so grateful for, it gets me much more grounded- and I can think and act more clearly.

I encourage all of you to make a list, actually write it out, at least ten things you're grateful for. I do this in a journal, and while I don't do it daily, I do it several times a week.

Check out my list, and even comment with yours. I'd LOVE to see some other perspectives.


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