How to make the universe gift you what you want

Have you ever had someone who only talks to you when they need something? They don't reach out just to see how you've been doing, or even just to say hey? They only call you when they need something from you, and then when you do them that favor, they don't even seem grateful... they just act like they're entitled to your help?
we all know someone like this... it sucks, right?!
It makes you not want to do nice things for that person... right?
when if they were grateful for your help, you'd be happy to continue to help them out!

This is why being grateful to the universe, is SO important.
You do not want to be the person that the universe gets tired of hearing from, and never gets a thank you from. Because it will stop trying to help you.
If something good happens, say a quick  thank you!

While you're laying in bed at night go over everything you're grateful for: anther amazing day to be alive, your family who loves you, the amazing person you get to fall asleep next to, the giant cup of coffee that kept you from knocking out your obnoxious coworker who just doesn't stop talking! Literally anything that you're even a little thankful for, add it to the list of things you're whole heartily thankful for. It takes no additional time out of your day.

The universe will continue to do nice things, to give you gifts, and show you signs, and give you what you want and need if you just continue to be grateful for what it gives you and put good back into the world!


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