How I accidentally became a minimalist

While I'll admit that I didn't exactly become a minimalist by choice (at first) it did end up being one of the greatest things for me.

I was obsessed with beauty.. Makeup, fashion, hair care... all of it! I couldn't get enough. I watched the YouTube videos, and quickly came to the conclusion that I too needed every single makeup item ever sold and that I needed to grow my makeup collection to an absolutely outrageous degree.
I would keep something that I knew I'd never use again, strictly because it made me one step closer to having a makeup collection similar to the girls I watched on YouTube...
I was also a beauty blogger, while I wasn't famous, I did have several thousands of followers that I had to keep coming back, so I had a constant demand to continue to buy products I didn't actually need, just really really wanted!

About two years ago I moved from my comfortable home and well paying job in New Jersey, to a new place with a new job in Virginia Beach.
The Job I found didn't pay as well, so I had less money to spend on makeup.
However, I didn't really know anyone to hang out with, so I was spending a LOT of time alone... so I bought makeup and watched more videos and looking at more makeup. So I was in a tough spot!

at first I was spending money I didn't have. Then I put myself into place, revised my budget, and actually started working through my collection instead of adding to it.
I was still able to make quality videos and posts without putting myself into debt for makeup.

Then I moved again, and had a huge closet! So my obsession turned to fashion... and it was the same story.

Then I moved AGAIN - and I had a tiny closet, and no space for a vanity table or makeup collection. I downsized all of my stuff by half.... HALF!

This devastated me to my core!

but then... it felt good. Having less options was surprisingly liberating!
after I got settled into my new place, I decide to go through my stuff again, and be even more realistic about what I was never going to wear again.

I gave so much stuff to my friends and family, and donated the rest. It felt so great!
You honestly don't know how much clutter you have in your life until you cut down on it.

I'm not saying everyone should sell their house with everything in it because possessions are useless, but I would definitely encourage you to go through your stuff, be realistic about what you use and what is just clutter.
it will free your mind :)

and I also do not encourage makeup or beauty bloggers to do the same thing I did, I did it because I had to. It made me sad, it made my boyfriend sad that I no longer had space for everything, but it turned out for the best for me, that doesn't mean it is the best option for you.
I'm just sharing my stories, but you know your head better then anyone, so if you think having mountains of makeup that you keep stored wherever you can find a little nook or cranny, then do it!

Thanks for reading everyone, you're ALL awesome



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