Chubby Chick running - (anther) beginning to my weight lost journey

If your own personal hell involves some sort of running, jogging or walking - You've come to the right place, because we are on the same level!

I actually like walking. Nice, slow paced peaceful walks along the beach that feel nothing like exercise. Yup, that's right up my alley.
This whole jogging thing, is most certainly NOT up my alley.

I've been telling myself for weeks now, that I will get up an hour early, walk the mile down to the beach in a fast paced fashion that actually did feel like exercise (ugh!)
Mornings came and went, and I was never able to drag my booty out of bed on time to be able to make the full mile, of course I couldn't just walk a shorter distance so that I could get home in time to get ready for work, so I'd just have to wait until tomorrow.

This became a vicious cycle.

I wanted to get up early and work out, I honestly did. I would hype myself up the night before to get excited about getting up, and I just never did it.
Last night, during my nightly prayers and meditation, I thanked the universe for everything that I had, for anther day to live, and then I said " uhh... I'm not sure if this is your jurisdiction, but can you please get my lazy butt out of bed tomorrow in time to run down to the beach? That'd be great! THANK YOU"

Then, it happened... I swear to you.
this morning my boyfriend kissed me goodbye at 5:30 am - and from that point on, I was WIDE awake when I normally just doze back very peacefully into dream land.

The universe gave me no excuse, so I got up, drank a little water, put on my running shoes, headed out and when I got to the beach, I saw the most beautiful sky at sunrise over the water.

I didn't even plan on running guys, I was just going to walk. When I did some light stretching, and heard the offspring come over my headphones just as I was starting my walk, I broke into a jog and jogged for about a half mile, which doesn't seem like much but considering I haven't run at ALL in well over a year, I was proud of myself! 
I did an on and off walk/ jog and now, a few hours later I feel amazing! Still kinda tired since I missed out on the extra sleep and replaced it with something tiring, but STILL, I feel great! 

I seriously encouarge all of you, to try and get out there and just walk! Ask the universe for strength, you will get it!

Thank you for reading! 
You're awesome! <3 



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